SurfaPore ® W NanoSilv

Wood waterproofing
Available on 1lt and 4lt

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SurfaPore® W

SurfaPore W is designed to fit the unique properties of wooden surfaces. It is a preservative for wood, thanks to a combination of active ingredients repels water, making the water repellent surface, without affecting the natural appearance of the wood.

SurfaPore W provides excellent dimensional stability even in the wettest environments. Actively repels water, preventing the deterioration of wooden surfaces. Very versatile and easy to apply. Can be used as a primer before applying paint or other coating. Although it does not contain any insecticides or preservatives, actively repels water from the mass of the wood making it resistant to deterioration.

Scope and characteristics
Nanotechnology water repellent treatment for wooden surfaces
Easy to apply on the surface or for dipping
Replaces the normal wood impregnating protecting against UV rays
Protective varnish for wood: repels water while maintaining unchanged the appearance of wood
Prevents cracking and deformation
Durable and resistant to UV rays

Usage notes
Application on the surface: the surface of application must be dry and clean. Apply SurfaPore W with a brush, roller or spray. Dilution is not required.
Immersion: immerse the wood component in SurfaPore W for 30 seconds. Remove excess oil. In any case (application on the surface or dive) test results on a small area before applying it on a large scale. Maximum water repellency can be reached 24 hours after application. Recommended application temperature is above 5° c.
Consumption: estimated yield 6-8 m ²/L, strongly dependent on surface properties.

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