• All prices quoted on the website are VAT inclusive
• DELIVERY within 48/72 hours of payment
• Delivery by courier

(*) For bank transfer payments, it is recommended to send the bank receipt by fax or e-mail

The mentioned prices are VAT included unless otherwise stated.
Edil Cimini Company Srl will endeavor to maintain unchanged the prices listed on the site reserving, however, the right to change these prices before shipping and undertakes to promptly notify the customer any increase, so that they can eventually terminate its contract. In case of change of prices, delivery of the products will be made after the customer has confirmed the order expressly accepting the price change is communicated by Edil Cimini Company Srl Where prices are not specifically provided or in case of supplies related to non- on the site Edil Cimini Company Srl, prices must be specifically agreed and confirmed in writing by Edil Cimini Company Srl before shipping the product

Orders may be submitted by the customer in the manner described in the pages of our website ..
The order will be considered as a contract between the Edil Cimini Company and the customer. The acceptance of Edil Cimini Company Srl may also occur through direct execution of orders, without the need for prior formal acceptance of the order.

The delivery of the products will be made under the conditions of transport and cost indicated within this website, unless otherwise delivery service specifically requested by the customer.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, Edil Cimini Company Srl also reserves the right to change the shipping cost within the validity period of the site. If the shipping cost is higher than indicated in the site, the amount will be informed by Edil Cimini Company Srl customer before shipping, which will take place only after the customer has accepted the new amount within three (3) days of notification of Edil Cimini Company Srl
The Shipping is done in 24/48 hours except islands and Calabria, on the material available through our carrier courier.
Delivery will be made to the address provided by you. In the event of unavailability will be charged for the cost of storage.
If Edil Cimini Company Srl expects that he will be able to meet the deadlines of delivery mentioned above, without any liability to the customer, will announce the new conditions of delivery of the product to the same, to confirm the order within 3 as amended (three) days from the communication of Edil Cimini Company Srl.
Unless otherwise agreed, delivery will be made to the address that the customer will be specified in the order, it being understood that if the customer wishes to withdraw the products directly at the headquarters of Edil Cimini Company Srl - Via dei Settemetri 42/44, 00118 Rome, will be specifically requested when ordering, it remains Edil Cimini Company Srl right to accept the request.

According to the provisions of article 1698 of the civil code, the receipt of the goods without reservations extinguishes the actions deriving from the contract except in the case of fraud or gross negligence of the carrier which logically must be demonstrated by the customer. Only for failures that are not recognizable at the time of delivery it is possible to affix / communicate the reservations within 8 days of receipt of the goods. It is important to point out that if the reserves are not motivated by a bad packaging state it is almost impossible to prove the carrier's liability because the carrier will communicate that the packaging was unsuitable or insufficient. Transport damage is the term used to indicate the damage or breakage of the products contained in the shipment that was delivered to you. Transport damage can be divided into two cases: Visible damage from the outside and / or missing quantities: in this case, immediately make a note of the damage by writing it in pen on the waybill that the carrier asks you to sign upon receipt of delivery if do not do so, lose the right to compensation or replacement, or refuse the acceptance and collection of the damaged goods by writing in pen the reason on the waybill that the carrier asks you to sign upon receipt of delivery, if you do not lose the rights to compensation or replacement Hidden damage, not visible from the outside: Remember to affix the acceptance of the shipment anyway subject to verification. Each delivery must be promptly examined to see if there are damages or missing items. If irregularities are noted a brief note of the conclusions must be affixed to the delivery note (accompaniment) "Accepted with reservation" without further details (justification of the reserve), is insufficient. For example: if a package arrives with unconditioned packaging, it is necessary to specify in the bill "goods withdrawn / accepted with reserve, unconditioned packaging, etc. ......" Quantity and appearance of the packaging must be checked immediately upon receipt, in the presence of the trucker make the delivery. In the event of irregularities, note the specific reservations on the transport documents (D.D.T. or C.M.R.) and insist on a counter-signature of the truck driver. Damages occurring after the unpacking must be notified within 8 days (D.D.T.), 7 days Sunday and holidays excluded (C.M.R.), from delivery, by registered letter to the carrier considering it responsible for all possible consequences.

Stock Goods
If the goods ordered should be in stock, and if they are past two days from the same date of stock, we reserve the right to return the goods to us at our stores.
With subsequent contact and agreement, we will resend the goods to the shipping charges applying for the new transportation in addition to those incurred for the return of the goods in our warehouses and charges of any stock, to the customer who placed the order .

According to the Decree Law January 15, 1992 n. 50, the buyer can exercise the right by giving notice by registered mail with return receipt to be sent to Edil Cimini Company srl Via the seven meters 42 00118 Morena (RM) no later than 14 days from the date of receipt of goods. In case of applicability of the right of withdrawal, the buyer is obliged to return at its own expense Edil Cimini Company srl Via dei Sette Meters 42/44 00118 Morena (RM) as well as the merchandise has been received and that is absolutely new, unused, complete of all its parts with original packaging completely intact. The non-observance of these principles will render the right of withdrawal. In case of application of the right of withdrawal, once the goods are received, which will be reviewed, and if found intact without any damage, Edil Cimini Company srl will replace the item with other goods chosen by the buyer or will refund the amount paid by the customer, excluding shipping costs, within the shortest possible time and within thirty days from the date on which the communication was received. Are excluded from the legislative decree subjects not classifiable as a consumer, that is, those who place an order indicating the VAT for the invoice.

The customer is obliged to examine the goods received in an accurate manner at the time of delivery and report via email ( in detail in Edil Cimini Company Srl, within 8 (eight) days of delivery, any defects found - or found - the outcome of the examination, or to propose any other claim related to the products. In the event that the customer fails to make the notification referred to above, the products will be considered definitively accepted and in compliance with the requirements of the order.
It is understood that the customer must refuse the delivery by the carrier of packs with damaged packaging, and must, in this regard, notify Edil Cimini Company Srl of the event, otherwise the goods delivered shall be deemed accepted in full in the state in which they they are at that moment.

CAUTION We recommend that you put on the consignment note in possession of the courier, the words we reserve the right to control, even at the packaging is intact. This will allow any complaints about the contents of shipment. If the package for visible damage and tangible externally may refuse the neck by putting on the courier waybill "waste damaged the neck because" followed by your signature.

Payments can be made in the following ways:
a) by bank transfer
b) by credit card through Stripe o Pay Pal;
Edil Cimini Company Srl reserves itself the right to propose additional and different methods of payment.
Any condition of payment other than those mentioned above shall be agreed in writing with Edil Cimini Company Srl, before placing the order.
All payments will be made in favor of Edil Cimini Company Srl, without the customer can make any set-off, deduction or counter claim.
In the event of non-payment of money due from the customer the contract of sale shall be deemed certainly terminated in accordance with and for the purposes of Article 1456 of the Civil Code.
In the event that the payments are not made within the agreed time, Edil Cimini Company reserves the right, however, the right to charge interest on arrears at the rate of interest in art. 5, d. lgs. n. 231 of 9 October 2002 in force, subject to the right to Edil Cimini Company Srl to claim damages for any further harm, and the reimbursement of any costs or expenses incurred for the recovery of their claims, including legal fees. In this case, all sums owed by the customer at that time to Edil Cimini Company Srl, also in relation to other supplies, will become immediately due and payable for the whole, having for this purpose revoked understand each deferment of payment granted by Edil Cimini Company Srl

Payments must be made in Euros, other currencies may be agreed in writing between the parties.

Orders placed with payment in cash or by credit card that can not be fully executed on the basis of inventories, will be partially canceled and the sums refunded.
Edil Cimini Company Srl reserves the right not to do business with any other party. In addition, Edil Cimini Company Srl reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order, regardless of whether or not payment has been received, by giving notice to the customer via fax, phone or e-mail within 48 (forty eight) hours ( excluding weekends and public holidays) from receipt of order. In the event that Edil Cimini Company Srl does not accept or cancel an order that has already been paid, Edil Cimini Company Srl promptly refund the entire amount received in the manner that will be given for this purpose in Edil Cimini Company Srl by the customer. It is also understood that the refund of the price is the only burden on Edil Cimini Company Srl for the rejection or cancellation of the order, being about that excluded any liability to Edil Cimini Company Srl

In the event that the execution of orders by Edil Cimini Company Srl is hindered or prevented by force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances, or the inability to procure services, materials or articles required for the fulfillment of the order, if not at higher prices, Edil Cimini Company Srl may delay the order and, if so, press the delay to the client, the client, within three (3) days of receipt of notice from Edil Cimini Company Srl shall have the right to cancel the order in whole or in part. In no event Edil Cimini Company Srl be held responsible for such delay or cancellation or the inability to make delivery.

The Court of Rome will be responsible exclusively, for any dispute arising from these terms and conditions of sale.

The processing of personal data processed by hand and informed and, in any case, such as to ensure the security and confidentiality of the data.
The personal data are processed in the normal commercial activities carried out by Edil Cimini Company Srl

Shipping costs
Shipping costs might be much changed slightly in the order, because calculated based on the volume, and not the actual weight. Changes visible during the order.

Shipping Pallets
In the case of shipping pallet, the goods are unloaded in the vicinity of the carrier, at street level.

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