SurfaPore T Nanosilv, waterproofing for porcelain tile

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SurfaPore T is a water-based emulsion of nanoparticles.
Its mechanism of action is simple in concept, yet effective in practice: nano-sized particles, specifically designed to fit the pores of a shiny surface, penetrate and "flood" pores that can accumulate dirt.
These nanoparticles have the ability to polymerize and create an invisible lattice of inert material.
SurfaPore T particles are attached to the walls of the pores and the lining becomes
permanent and effective.
After treatment the dirt particles cannot penetrate the microporosity of the surface (marble, granite or polished tiles).
In this way you get an important result: permanent pore impregnation that protects from stains and facilitates cleaning.
Besides being the stain-proof nanoparticle molecular structure of SurfaPore T gives a useful additional feature: hydrophobic section of nano-sized particles creates a continuous layer that protects the surface.
NanoPhos introduces a new approach that enhances the distinctive peculiarities of polished tile surfaces.
Instead of covering the surfaces of the tiles with a film comprising polymerized components, T is and SurfaPore fills the pores, the capillaries and the "microcrateri" of providing a lasting solution surface against stains.
Instead of covering the surface with a plastic membrane, SurfaPore T uses nano-solution for impregnating the pores, maintain the abrasion resistance and the natural look.

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