SurfaPore M NanoSilv

Waterproofing for marble
Available on 1lt and 4lt

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SurfaPore® M

The stains may deface the value stone and marble and granite surfaces. SurfaPore Mnot only protect these surfaces from stains, but it also makes oil repellents and water-repellent.

Microscopic analysis of the surfaces of marble, granite and stone reveals the existence of multiple interconnected pores, each other, which accumulate dirt and make it lose shine surfaces and their natural appearance. SurfaPore M covers the pores of the surfaces, without changing the appearance and makes them able to actively reject oil stains. You get a double result: passive protection coating the surface of the pores and an active oil repellency. SurfaPore M protects the surfaces making them oil repellents and stain removal. Effective protection of stones, protects the surfaces from delicate operations such as cleaning of marble.

Scope and characteristics
Oleophobic surface: oil and water protection of porous surfaces (marble and granite)
Stain protection: prevention of stains on kitchen countertops
Stain protection: allows cleaning of marble and granite
Water-repellent treatment for marble and granite
Protects very busy areas
Protects against oil and water cement floors (industrial floors, garages and car parks)

Usage notes
Surface Application: the application surface should be clean and dry. SurfaPore M apply with brush, roller or spray. Dilution is not required. After about 15 minutes and before SurfaPore M dry completely, remove the excess with a soft, damp cloth and Polish the surface. For extra protection of very sensitive surfaces reapply within 3 hours after the first application. You reach maximum efficacy after 7 days from application.
Consumption: estimated yield 12-18 m²/L, strongly dependent on surface absorption properties.

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