Water-based wood revitalizing T.Top+ 750 ml

Water-based wood revitalizing T.Top+ Rio Verde Renner 750 ml

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Immediate healing wood revitalizing. It repairs the microfracture of both transparent and enamelled paint, even white. It is a formidable bastion against the signs of time. It nourishes and regenerates the paint film.

Fields of application:

- Maintenance of windows and furnishings.

Application Features:

- T.Top + gives brilliance and softness to the paint. Thanks to its exclusive composition, within a few minutes Ravvivalegno penetrates inside the microfractures of the lining and repairs the damage caused by time. T.Top + nourishes the paint, restoring its original elastic properties and waterproofing it.

Instructions for Use:

- Clean the window with T.Clean RR1050 before applying the hinged cover. Spray T.Top + and distribute the product with a microfiber cloth. Allow to dry. Avoid applying T.Top + on rainy days or in direct sunlight exposition hours.


Suitable for the treatment of water and solvent-painted surfaces, transparent and lacquered (even white, free of yellowing).

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