Woodworm and termite proof protection for wood Rio Verde Renner 0,75 l

Woodworm and termite proof wood preservative Rio Verde Renner 0,75 l

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RA 2000


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Highly effective formulation against tarls, termites and fungi. Great penetration inside the wood.

Fields of application:

Furniture, window frames, claddings, beams, wooden floors, beams, balconies, houses, fences, gazebo.

Application Features:

It contains a blend of broad-spectrum fungicides (0.3% IPBC and 0.9% Propiconazole, 0.4% Permethrin). Effective against the mushrooms of the barking and shrubbery, the woods and the termites. Suitable for for interior and outside (not in contact with the ground and protected against frequent contact with rain). It penetrates deep and increases wood stability, reducing retraction and swelling. Applied before the impregnation, it uniformizes the staining and brakes the marking and grafting phenomena. It is recommended to apply 2-3 coats of product.

Instructions for Use:

Raw wood - Prepare the granite abrasive support 150, clean the surface and apply 2-3 coats of product. Next, paint can be done with colored impregnants or finishing products.

Stained/impregnated or varnished wood - It is necessary to return the wood to the raw state and clean the surface. Then proceed to painting.

Recommended quantity:

Coniferous wood: 120 g / m2.

Hardwood: 155 g / m2.

Product registered under EU Regulation 528/2012 (BPR) n° of application (PT8): BC-UY023236-06/1

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