Gray remover for degraded wood Rio Verde Renner 0,75 l

Gray remover for degraded wood Rio Verde Renner 0,75 l

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Regenerating and brightening product. It allows to renew the grained and oxidized wood. Removes gray from any kind of wood. It is particularly suitable for the treatment of exotic and coniferous wood.

Fields of application:

Embossed wooden artifacts such as floors, window frames, garden furnishings, claddings, fences, beams. Description: Lightens and regenerates the grained and oxidized woods.

Application features

• Removes gray from any kind of wood and restores its original appearance.

• Ideal for exotic and coniferous wood.

• Soft-gel formulation for both flat and vertical application.

Instructions for Use

Shake vigorously Gray Remover. Remove any traces of paint from the surface to be treated. Make sure the wood is dry. Apply with a brush until it forms a layer of a few millimeters. Grind with a brush with nylon or fine bristles (do not use metal brushes). Let it operate for 10-15 minutes. Rinse abundantly with water, again brushing with the brush. Alternatively, wash with high pressure washers (max. 60 bar) can be carried out. In the treatment of hardwoods, the operation must be repeated in order to obtain a greater brightening result. Depending on the types of wood, the brightening result may be different. After washing with water, perfectly dry wood (usually after 2-3 days), it is possible to paint the product.

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