Liquid Resin ICOPER

Liquid Resin ICOPER

Single-component multi-layer continuous waterproofing membrane, colored in water emulsion resistant to water stagnation.

Formats: 1 kg. - 5 kg. - 20 kg.

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For the waterproofing of building coverings in general, old bituminous mantles, foundation walls, retaining walls, eaves, cornices, concrete terraces, chimneys, canopies, walls, facades, insulated roofs with polyurethane foams


icoper is a one-component liquid formulation in aqueous emulsion, ready to use, which, applied for a minimum thickness of at least 1 mm, confers waterproofing to treated substrates.

The properties of the waterproof covering made with icoper are:

• resistance to water stagnation even in the absence of a slope

• UV resistance:


• can remain visible

• resistance to the aggressions of industrial and marine atmospheres

• its elasticity and its simplicity in making waterproofing without joints and overlaps (typical of rolled sheaths) make it suitable for any surface geometry to be covered

• walkable for normal maintenance operations


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