SurfaPore AG Nanosilv

Anti Graffiti 1lt

Anti-graffiti nanotechnology for protecting marble, ceramic surfaces and walls.

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SurfaPore AG


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Graffiti on marble, ceramic tile and vertical walls can be disastrous for these super "there. The microscopic observation reveals multiple interconnected pores that trap the graffiti paint resulting in loss of natural appearance of surfaces. Cleaning requires a signicant effort and some stains may be impossible to remove. SurfaPore Anti-graffiti can be easily applied to existing or new surfaces to keep their original appearance. Creates a waterproof barrier and invisible sealing even smaller pores.


Tagliapiastrelle Profi Alu Battipav


Super professional tile cutter

For diagonal and straight cuts on ceramic, porcelain and stoneware tiles

Sizes available

60 - 85 - 100 -130 - 160