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Whip mixer Ghelfi

Whip mixer in galvanized steel

Can be used on standard spindle power tools

Ideal for fillers, premixes and coatings

Available in two sizes: diameter 120 mm and diameter 130 mm

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5,70 €

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Galvanized steel structure. Hexagonal stem suitable for use on power tools with standard spindle.

Stem extended to the full height of the hose, to guarantee superior resistance and indeformability over time.

The material is mixed only in a circular sense. The vertical mixing takes place in the face of corresponding vertical movement imposed by the operator on the tool. Very low air inclusion and high machining efficiency minimize clumping.

The tool is particularly suitable for the mixing of fillers, premixed, and concrete coatings.

Maximum mixing capacity 10 - 15 Kg depending - among other things - on the power of the electric tool used.


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A week of Madness: ON SUNDAY 8 DECEMBER, 5% discount by entering the code: BLACK5

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Tagliapiastrelle Profi Alu Battipav


Super professional tile cutter

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Sizes available

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