Hi-Deck Hydro Oil for outdoor floors

Hi-Deck Hydro Oil for outdoor floors Rio Verde Renner 0,75 L

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Hi-Deck is highly resistant to UV, water and mold. This outdoor floor water oil is self-consume (does not spit), allowing you to renew the treatment without sanding.

Fields of application

Outdoor pavements, footboards, piers, docks, swimming pools, garden furniture.

Product Information

It maintains the natural beauty of wood by delaying the grain due to exposure to weather. Contains wide spectrum UV absorbers and free radical captures to reduce the degradative action of solar radiation. Easy to apply. Do not spit in time, it is self-consumption.

Application features

It is recommended to apply 2-3 hands.

Instructions for Use

Rough wood. Prepare the granite abrasive support 150, wipe the surface from sanding powder and apply 2-3 coats of product.


In highly exposed artifacts, it is sufficient to restore the surface by applying 1-2 hands of RK10xx. If the artifact is slightly exposed to the weather, the retouching and renewal operations will be less frequent.


RK10xx Series Decking Oil.


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