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Gel-structural adhesive multipurpose flexible based on the exclusive Geolegante ® Kerakoll for bonding even in extreme conditions of all types of materials, on all funds and for any use. eco-compatible.

Making money (uni 11493-Point 7.3)
all funds must be Planar, seasoned, reliable,
Compact, durable, hard, dry, free from agents
ascents and release of moisture.
It is advisable to moisten very concrete funds
sanitary towels or apply a coat of Primer to echo.

Adhesive preparation
fluid consistency
for low installation depth and total wetting:
Gray ≈ 8.8 litres of clean water/lot
Shock white ≈ 9.5 litres of clean water/lot
thixotropic consistency
for high thickness and installation on the wall:
≈ 7.1 litres of grey water/lot
Shock white ≈ 7.2 liters of clean water/lot

Application (uni 11493-7.9/11 Points)
To ensure a structural need membership
achieve a thickness of adhesive can
cover the entire back of the jacket.
large, rectangular formats with > 60 cm and side plates
low thickness may require a drawing
of adhesive directly onto the back of the material.
Check the sample transfer
of the adhesive to the back of the material.
achieve flexible couplings: expansion
-≈ 10 m2
-≈ 25 m2
-each 8 m long by long and narrow surfaces.
respect all structural joints, and fractionation
funds in the perimeter.

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