Nanoflex ® Eco Kerakoll 20 kg

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Eco Kerakoll Nanoflex

KERAKOLL NANOFLEXMineral breathable membrane, antialcalina and chlorine-resistant, certified, eco-compatible flexible waterproofing with high adhesion and durability of foundations before laying with adhesives, ideal in GreenBuilding. Single Pack reduced CO2 emissions and very low emissions of volatile organic compounds, which can be recycled as aggregate at the end of life.

Nanoflex ® Eco develops a homogeneous fluid mixture can be adjusted by varying the amount of water to get the best workability in relation to site conditions ensuring maximum adhesion of bonded system.

eco-NANOTECH technology WATERPROOF MEMBRANE. 1 k, crackbridging ability, certain specified ec 2 – low emissions of volatile organic compounds world ze. Specifies for the waterproofing of foundations before fixing ceramic, nat Ural stones and vitreous mosaic.

Single variable rheology: formulated with polymers with high water resistance and higher affinity to the cement matrix, to be mixed with the amount of water needed for the best workability in conditions of the yard. Crack-Bridging Ability: designed and calibrated to overcome dimensional characteristic movements of substrates and coatings and to ensure maximum adhesion of the glue. Eco-friendly: EC certificate 2 a low-volatile organic compounds, packaged in convenient bags of 20 kg paper with handle, no longer need the plastic tank, contains 30% recycled raw materials and is also certified for direct contact with drinking water. Superior performance: thanks to the innovative formulation high yield with a 20 kg bag ® waterproofing the Nanoflex 30% m2 more than the Pack of two 32 kg. A big plus for the applicator and for construction site: less weight, in a convenient box with handle.

Flexible waterproofing system with high adhesion and high durability that ensures maximum simplicity and speed of application specific for balconies, terraces and outdoor horizontal surfaces which do not involve small joints and dilatation fractionation in screed from flooring with ceramic tiles and natural stones. Guarantees the water resistance without the use of reinforcing network.

Kerakoll Waterstop System systems for water specialists



Kerakoll waterstop system represents the vanguard in waterproofing systems of balconies, terraces and any external surface before laying of ceramic tiles, natural stones and vitreous mosaic.
1 AquaExpert writes new rules for the eco-sustainable waterproofing balconies terraces and typical of Italian residential architecture by putting to good use the research work and site conditions and all its components, from the screed up to materials for covering more technical and used.

It is a cutting-edge solution to performance of waterproofing and durability over time raise the safety factor of the entire system.
In an equally innovative AquaExpert 1 represents the system for waterproofing and easiest way to apply.
With just the use of ®, eco Nanoflex-Nanotech technology-component membrane, and 70 AquaStop, waterproof tape for joints, 1 AquaExpert guarantees the water resistance without the use of reinforcing network.



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