Masterpiuma power 5 tile cutter

Masterpiuma Power 5 tile cutter is a tile cutter designed for professional use. It is a high performance tool that can handle large tiles with precision and ease.

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5 are the important “vitaminized” points:

The light alloy frame is sized and structured in the points of greatest stress with the insertion of reinforcements and ribs which optimize the behavior of the machine in the case of cuts on thickened or full body porcelain.

The protractor square, also increased, is almost symmetrical and can rotate both to the right (+ 45°) and to the left (- 45°), allowing precise cuts in succession at any angle thanks to the ingenious folding stop; it maintains the characteristic of being able to be closed inside the shape of the machine, avoiding its removal and preserving its precision and integrity during handling and transport.

The wheel holder handle contains many particularities:
– the possibility for the operator to manage incision depth and splitting force, in practice the pressure exerted can be controlled and optimally modulated through special force indicators that guide the operator according to the needs dictated by the different materials, allowing to tackle without fear structured or thick tiles (up to 20 mm) or very thin glass mosaic, in practice the already evident practical advantages associated with push engraving are now, thanks to the specific work carried out in the design and modeling phase of the handle, even more sensitive.
– the double trestle splitting system which, built in scratch-resistant polymer, is enclosed in a single component and can be used directly when closed in the usual cuts (without requiring any retraction of the handle after the incision phase) and open in the case of cuts on the corner of the tile or mosaic cuts.
– the integrated lubricator which can be activated, when necessary (in case of complex jobs), with a slight pressure directly on the dispenser.
– the tungsten carbide engraving wheel with clearly visible titanium coating, guaranteed for 5,000 meters and, if necessary, can be replaced quickly and easily.
– the R.A.S. (Roller Adjuster System). A cylinder in anti-friction and anti-wear material which always maintains contact with the bar/crossbar, effectively canceling any lateral movement, guarantees perfect sliding of the tool holder and therefore always super-precise incisions.

An enlarged support plane (63P5) or sturdy die-cast aluminum wings are perfectly integrated into the frames ensuring progressive support for large tiles even in the case of diagonal cuts.

The Masterpiuma Power 5 family of super-professional tile cutters includes the 63P5 (63×63 cm), 75P5 (75x75 cm) and 93P5 (93×93 cm) models in the classic sizes to which are added the brand new 131P5 (131×131 cm) and 161P5 (131×131 cm) 161×161 cm) to better accommodate the latest additions to ceramic tiles.

All components are 100% recyclable and the machine is naturally 100% Made in Italy.

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Super professional tile cutter

For diagonal and straight cuts on ceramic, porcelain and stoneware tiles

Sizes available

60 - 85 - 100 -130 - 160