Tile Cutter Masterpiuma P3 Montolit

Manual Tile Cutters Montolit, Masterpiuma P3

Models: 63p3; 75p3; 93p3; 125p3, 155p3.


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Manual Tile Cutters Montolit, Masterpiuma P3

Ergonomic handle, through making the incision to boost that is totally effective on all materials and becomes essential on large format tiles. On the geometrical square tile cutter has two scales: the first, the one placed on the incline, refers to the side of the tile and provides the correct measure for all angles. The second listed on top of the team, provides a measure of the diagonal for 45° cuts and is especially useful for posers.
The tool handle contains a multitude of specialties:
-the dual system of splitting, which occurs both in usual (without requiring any retreat of the handle after incision) that cuts the corner of the tile or mosaic cuts and positions itself automatically with a simple movement.
-integrated Oiler engraving wheel in tungsten carbide (Titanium coated) that can be activated when needed by the operator with a gentle pressure directly on the dispenser.
-The R.A.S. (Roller Adjuster System), a cylinder in antiwear and antifriction material that maintains contact with the bar/crossbar, nullifying any factual lateral movement, guarantees perfect tool holder scrolling and then superprecise engravings.

This tile has a die-cast aluminium and nickel-plated steel for maximum strength and resistance to atmospheric agents, the grinder stand is made of scratch-resistant plastic material. Titanium series wheel (special for porcelain stoneware), team and fully retractable extension within the footprint of the machine. Sprung floors to allow for the safe of the tile gap and support removable rod for large tiles (only on models 63P3, 75P3, 93P3, 125p3).

Professional manual tile cutter (cut to boost) can cut with precision and rapidity all types of tiles with thickness between 0-22 mm. Also perfect for cutting diagonally cut glazed tiles and with the addition of a special accessory (art. 58) is able to cut ceramic and vitreous Mosaic Mosaic. Equipped with a special grinder for cutting tiles wedged and/or particularly hard. Available in different formats: from 52 to 125 centimetres.

Masterpiuma P3 Montolit

Masterpiuma P3 Montolit


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Super professional tile cutter

For diagonal and straight cuts on ceramic, porcelain and stoneware tiles

Sizes available

60 - 85 - 100 -130 - 160