KS 55 FS Circular saw

Rated power consumption: 1200 W
Depth max. cutting at 90 °: 55 mm
Ø blade x hole: 160 x 20 mm
Max. Rpm empty: 5600 / min

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Sturdy circular saw, which can be installed directly on Metabo guide rails or on other manufacturers' guides
Lightweight aluminum base plate
Handle with non-slip Softgrip surface
Highly visible cutting indicator for sawing based on tracing
0 ° position adjustable rear for maximum cutting precision
Possibility of suction thanks to the connection to a universal aspirator
Micro-adjustment of the machine without the need for tools for use on the guide rail
Technical data
Rated power consumption 1200 W
Output power 670 W
Depth max. cutting at 90 ° 55 mm
Depth max. cutting at 45 ° 39 mm
Ø blade x hole 160 x 20 mm
Range of inclination from / to 0 / + 47 °
Max. Rpm vacuum 5600 / min
Number of revolutions at nominal load 4400 / min
Max. Cutting speed 47 m / s
Couple 5 Nm
Weight without power cable 4 kg
Cable length 4 m
Chipboard sawdust 3.4 m / s²
Measurement insecurity K 1.5 m / s²
Noise emission
Sound pressure level 93 dB (A)
Sound power level (LwA) 104 dB (A)
Measurement insecurity K 3 dB (A)

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