Montolit 33W "Crab" Scoring Tile Nippers

Pincer 33W "CRAB" Montolit

Super professional pincer for tiler, special for porcelain stoneware.

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The No. 33W professional tile nippers from Montolit are forged with the latest technology and made with durable carbon alloy steel. These nippers use the No. 242TW titanium coated carbide scoring wheels to guarantee superior results when cutting hard ceramics up to 15mm thick. Delicate materials such as mosaics and glass tiles can also be smoothly cut due to the extreme precision of the scoring wheel. The rotation of one of the two scoring wheels allows for scoring of the surface of the tile prior to making a cut. You can easily loosen and adjust both wheels to provide a fresh cutting surface. Other features include a soft rubber coated grip for maximum comfort, a metal spring for re-opening of the handles, and two rubber bumper guards to prevent handle distress at the end of the cut.


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Super professional tile cutter

For diagonal and straight cuts on ceramic, porcelain and stoneware tiles

Sizes available

60 - 85 - 100 -130 - 160