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Selsil Polyurethane foam for tiles, insulating panels and plasterboard

Polyurethane Foam Panels & Blocks Mounting - 750 ml


  • Replaces traditional adhesives with faster processing times by about 30% High Yield

  • No adhesive preparation and mixing

  • Made of a cylinder up to 10-14 m2


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Polyurethane Foam Panels & Blocks Mounting - 750 ml


Mounting panels and blocks is a monocomponent polyurethane adhesive, with filling characteristics suitable for the bonding of slightly uneven surfaces.

The product is easy to apply with a normal foam gun. Contains no CFCs.


-Bonding of different materials and panels: no adhesive, adhesive preparation fast, lighter weight, no need to clean the utensils.
-Significant reduction of weight and space, no use of malta
-The application can be completed quickly (curing time)
-A cylinder is sufficient for gluing of panels of a surface of approximately 14 m 2
-HCFC and CFC free and solvents
-Thermal and acoustic Isolation
-Excellent stability (free from withdrawal and post expansion)
-Precise application due to the gun application.
-Bonding of all types of materials (except PE, PP, PTFE and silicone)
-Resistant to many solvents, paints and chemicals ì
-Excellent resistance to ageing, rot, UV protection
-Waterproof (but not waterproof)


-Bonding of different types of insulation panels, on a wide variety of surfaces
-Adhesive for gypsum plasterboards
-Bonding of synthetic materials
-Filling of cavities
-Fixing electrical boxes.

How to use

• All types of surfaces such as concrete, brickwork: plaster, wood, metal, polystyrene, bituminous sheating. Not suitable for PE, PP, PTFE, Silicone.
• Not suitable for mineral wool insulating materials and fiberglass
• The surfaces must be clean, dry and grease-free and stable. It is acceptable for a limited moisture, but wet surfaces are not suitable.

Application temperature:

• up to +5° C +35° C (temperature of adhesion of the surface)
• 15° C to +25° C (cylinder temperature)
• If necessary, the cylinder can be worn at the right temperature soaking in warm water.


• Still not cured adhesive can be removed using the foam cleaner or acetone
• The cured product can be removed mechanically


-Assembling panels and blocks



• In cavity filling applications, it is recommended to moisten the surface for improved initial bonding
• If the product is used as adhesive is necessary to moisten the surfaces.


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