HG anticalcare per macchine da caffè espresso e con cialde 500 ml

HG descaler for espresso machines and coffee pods 500 ml

HG descaler for espresso machines and coffee pods 500 ml

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HG descaler for espresso machines and coffee pods is a decalcarizzante agent based on citric acid, developed specifically for the removal of deposits from espresso machines and American in pods of various types.HG descaler for espresso machines and coffee pods is safe, fast and odorless and is completely biodegradable. The regular use of HG descaler for espresso machines and with waffles does not affect the taste of coffee, the machine maintains its speed of operation and its duration was extended. Pour 75 ml (3/4 of a cup of coffee) of HG "ontkalker" into the water tank, then add 750 ml of water (1:10 dilution). Leave the solution for 10 minutes. Then turn the appliance and circulate liquid half. Switch off the appliance, leave the product for 10 minutes, then circulate the remaining liquid until you empty the tank. Once you have run the rinse treatment for at least 3 times with clean tap water. Place the filter holder with filter into the machine to catch any residue of limestone. In this way you can avoid a possible blockage of the opening. For descaling coffee machines, kettles and normal washing machines we recommend using HG fast acting limescale. A bottle of 500 ml is sufficient to limescale treatment 6.

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