HG glass cleaner 500 ml

HG glass cleaner 500 ml

HG glass cleaner 500 ml

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HG glass cleaner is a product that does not leave streaks anti-algae and cleans and degreases thoroughly without contain ammonia or alcohol. This product is then used by the professionals of the cleanliness of glasses. HG glass cleaner not only meets all professional requirements but, due to its neutral pH does not affect varnished, lacquered surfaces and plastic, as well as being gentle on the hands. HG glass cleaner has a very economical consumption: a bottle of 500 ml is sufficient for at least 35 washing Windows. Pour 15 ml (2-3 teaspoons) of HG glass cleaner in half a bucket of warm water. To get an optimal result window cleaning with rotating movements. Using a brush washer, cover overlapping strips to dry glass, drying each time the edge of the brush window cleaner with a cloth before you use it again. Never wash the Windows under direct sunlight. For very dirty areas, use HG undiluted glass cleaner. Pour a quantity of product on a towel and hold it on the dirt. Leave it for a moment, then remove with water.

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