HG for floor and wall joints 250 ml

HG for floor and wall joints 250 ml

HG for floor and wall joints 250 ml

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Often the joints are made of porous material that easily absorbs grease, dirt and deposits. Wine stains, beverages or grease on the floor joints are extremely difficult to remove, while the joints on walls, especially in humid environments such as the bathroom, are targeted by mold and calcium deposits that make them unpleasant to see. HG for floor and wall leaks solves the problem with ease. With this product, the joints become completely impervious to water, oil, grease and other dirt. Before treatment, thoroughly clean the joints with HG leaks detergent. Rinse with clean water and leave to dry completely for 24 hours. On the floor joints, apply protective HG leaking floors and walls, preferably with the supplied pipette. On the joints of the walls, apply using a spatula. Remove the tiles produced in excess with a cloth, both in case of leaks on the floors and walls. The surface can be cleaned normally after 36-48 hours. In case of leaks on the floors, the floor surface after about 3 hours. The floors of the showers can be used after 8 hours. 250 ml of product used to treat an area of 30-40 m² in size.

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