HG toilet cleaner 500 ml extra strong

HG toilet cleaner 500 ml extra strong

HG toilet cleaner 500 ml extra strong

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Each bathroom can create dirt accumulations that are difficult to remove. This filthy problematic, as the stubborn limescale deposits, urine or dirty hard otherwise, not only inside the TOILET but also in the neck of the discharge or invisibly underneath the edge. Dirt under the Board makes sure that the TOILET is never sanitized, which can cause musty smell, besides reducing the toilet rinsing action. The special formula designed by HG superpower toilet cleanser adheres to the surface of the toilet, so I effectively remove all the dirt. Spray detergent superpowerful toilet HG with a fluid motion in depth under the edge and on the walls of the TOILET. Leave then act the gel at least 20-30 minutes, then scrub the TOILET to clean it with a brush from WC. Finally rinse the TOILET. Regular cleaning of the TOILET is better to use sanitizing gel for WC HG. For a daily cleaning and sanitizing around the bathroom, from the axis of the WC to the doorknob, it is recommended that daily sanitizing spray for HG.

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