Micotral Anticondensation OIKOS

Micotral Anticondensation OIKOS


Special anticondensation painting for interior walls

Formats: 1 Lt - 4 Lt - 10 Lt

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Rehabilitation procedure:

1st Step with Sterylfix

2nd phase with Sterylsan

3rd and last Micotral phase


It is a special anti-condensation paint for interior walls. Condensation derives from the water vapor present in the air which, in the absence of adequate circulation, is concentrated in the coldest areas of the rooms, such as: walls facing north, corners of ceilings, behind the wardrobes, and it is in these places that molds and bacteria are born and develop. MICOTRAL is characterized by the fact that it keeps the wall transpiring and warm because in its particular formula there are hollow glass microspheres which act as an insulator and are able to reduce the internal-external thermal shock thus allowing a relative energy saving. These glass microspheres give the product applied to the wall a particular heat-insulating and sound-absorbing structure. Its particular formulation makes the product suitable to be applied on any kind of support and in environments with a strong presence of steam.

Fields of Employment:

Internal walls with condensation problems, walls exposed to the north or with poor exposure to the sun


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