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Fondo all'acqua Rinnovalegno 0,75 Lt Renner

Water-based wood restoring primer Rinnovalegno 0,75 l

Water-based wood restoring primer Rinnovalegno Rio Verde Renner 0,75 l

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RV 5000


13,30 €

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Fields of application

Worn and degraded wooden artifacts like window frames, garden furnishings, claddings, fences, beams.

Product Information

The RV5000 is a pigmented water primer that allows to renovate wood products already partially painted, degraded and worn. The application of this primer allows you to over-paint with lightly colored finishes and give to the fabric the appearance of just painted wood.

Application features

• Cream coloring is similar to that of unpainted new wood and is a good starting point for any coloring.

• It can be applied on blackened wood or old paint coatings.

• High UV protection.

Instructions for Use

Preparation of unpainted wood surfaces. The support must be sanded with grain 180-220 following the wood grain. Wipe the surface before application.

Preparation of varnished wood surfaces. Sand the old paint layers thoroughly with 80-150 grain and clean before applying. Spread the RV5000 Fund to Avoid Product Accumulation. Do not overcoat before 4 hours and not after 16 hours.


Finishes of classic series RFxx20, high resistance RQxx70, ceramic RCxx30.

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