High resistance water-based finishing UV Defender Rio Verde Renner 0,75 l

High resistance water-based finishing UV Defender with extreme protection from UVA and UVB rays Rio Verde Renner 0.75 l

Available in both Teak-Larch and Walnut colors

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It is the maximum barrier against UVA/UVB rays. This elastic paint protects from the erosive action of rainwater and moisture. Enhances the aesthetics of wood.
It is water-repellent, does not screp and is odorless.

Fields of application

Doors, garden furniture, claddings, balconies, fences, beads, beams.

Product Information

It creates a barrier against UVA/UVB rays, the most damaging of the solar spectrum, which degrades the wood and engulfs it. It protects from the erosive action of rainwater and moisture. It furbs the artifacts and reinforces the protection of wood treated with water impregnants.

Application Characteristics

We recommend applying 1-2 hands.

Instructions for Use

Stained/impregnated wood. RQxx70 can be applied to wood treated with low solid residues or impregnated wood. Once the surface is cleaned, it can be slightly sanded with abrasive paper or brushed scotch. Remove the powder and apply 1-2 coats of product.

Painted wood. On wood already painted with finishing products in good condition, it is necessary to sand with grain 320. Clean the surface and paint. On wood already painted with bad finish products, slicing 80-150 grain to bring the wood back to its raw state. Clean the surface and paint. It is recommended to apply 1-2 hands of classic RMxx10 impregnation before the RQxx70 wax finish.


In articles highly exposed to atmospheric agents, there is sufficient maintenance on parts that begin to degrade. Lightly sand the product with medium grain 220-320, remove the powder and apply a hand of the desired color. On the most degraded parts you can apply a second hand. If the artifact is slightly exposed to the weather, the retouching and renewal operations will be less frequent. To prolong the protective action of the film and the beauty of the product it is advisable to clean with the T.Clean RR1050 Neutral Detergent. Avoid aggressive detergents.


Finishes of the high resistance RQxx70 series.


Campione colore Finitura UV Defender Rio Verde


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