Fugabella Color Kg. 3 Kerakoll

Dekorativer Harzzement zum Verfugen von Fliesen, Mosaiken und Murmeln in verschiedenen Designfarben.

Verfugung von 0 bis 20 mm hochfesten Fugen, glatte Oberfläche, hohe Härte, wasserabweisend mit Tropfeneffekt.

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10,90 €

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Fields of application

Grouting from 0 to 20 mm high strength joints, smooth finish, high hardness, water repellent with a drop effect. Stucco materials: - porcelain stoneware, low thickness slabs, ceramic tiles, klinker, terracotta, vitreous and ceramic mosaic, of all types and formats - natural stones, reconstituted materials, marbles. Intended use: - indoor and outdoor floors and walls, for civil, commercial, industrial and urban design, in high traffic environments, even in areas subject to sudden changes in temperature and frost - pools, pools and fountains- heating floors. Do not use for joints longer than 20 mm, in floors and walls where specific chemical resistance is required, total non-absorbency to water; for filling elastic expansion or fractional joints; on substrates with high deformability, not perfectly dry and subject to rising damp.

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