DeSalin C NanoSilv

Detergent for efflorescence residues and deposits on cement based surfaces and clay based

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® DeSalin C

Detergent for efflorescence residues and deposits on cement based surfaces and clay based

DeSalin C is a special detergent, based on a natural concentrated acid. It is an effective formula for removal of residues from the surfaces of concrete, mortar, stucco and natural or artificial stones. Ideal for removing white spots caused by salt deposits. Also moulds are easily removed. Suitable for food production plants or water treatment, after treatment, dirty residues remain on the surface (requested an intense risciuaquo). The product also is rapidly biodegradable organic surfactants,.
Scope and characteristics
Effective formula for cleaning cement stucco, stone, tiles, roofs and clay based surfaces
Removes mould, algae and "green"
Removes salt deposits and white spots
Great product for the renovation and restoration of concrete surfaces, stones, tiles, roofs and clay based surfaces.
Fast and effective action
Applicable in the food sector (requires abundant rinsing with water)

Usage notes
Pour on the surface smeared DeSalin C pure or diluted (dilution up to 1: 5) for slightly stained surfaces. Wait for DeSalin C action on the surface for 2-3 minutes. Remove residues of washing with a hard sponge (non-metallic). After removal, wash thoroughly with water. Attention! It is necessary to use protective clothing (gloves and resistant clothing) due to the acid nature of the product. Do not use on metal surfaces. Try the product on a small area (not visible) to determine the chemical resistance and prevent potential damage. Do not mix with chlorine, bleach and other products containing sodium hypochlorite.


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