DeSalin T NanoSilv

Detergent for stains on sensitive surfaces, marble, granite and stone absorbent surfaces

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DeSalin T is a highly active cleaner, specially formulated to be applied on glossy surfaces and delicate as marble or granite. Its formulation allows the alkaline cleaning of surfaces without compromising brightness, color or appearance, and regardless of the duration of the application. Ideal for persistent and deep stains such as coffee, wine, oil, tomato or other organic materials.

Scope and characteristics
Effective formula, without additives, acids designed for marbles, Granites and sensitive polished stones
Does not change the "gloss" of the surface
Fast and effective action
Eliminates yellowing of old surfaces, removing permanently absorbed stains (like wine or coffee)
Easy to apply

Usage notes
Apply DeSalin T stained surface. leave it for as long as necessary so that the stain is gone. If the liquid evaporates or the stain persists, perform an addition of product, or alternatively cover the stain with cotton. Attention! Always wear protective clothing and gloves. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.Do not use on metal surfaces. Do not mix with strong acids, bases, or chlorine based liquids (sodium hypochlorite).

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