Base 1 mm spacers levelling rls

Clips 1 mm Tile Leveling Spacers RLS 3/12 mm

Clips 1 mm Tile Leveling Spacers RLS

Tile thickness: 3/12 mm

Joint: 1 mm

available in 250 and 500 PCs

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Clips 1 mm Tile Leveling Spacers RLS

RLS - Raimondi Leveling System - Leveling Spacers
Spacers for floors and tiles, manufactured by Raimondi, represent a revolutionary system that achieves level floors easily and quickly. Raimondi has spacers for floors and tiles; These products are indispensable to obtain perfectly leveled floor tiles, without those who are referred to as "teeth", easily speeding installation. This is a revolutionary system designed and manufactured by Raimondi Spa. The Raimondi spacers are also applicable on thin tiles and large format or flexible and therefore heavy. These are the basic features: minimum joint / escape width: 1 mm and tile thickness 3 mm min, 12 mm max.




R.L.S. range (Raimondi Levelling System), now of the new base 1 mm to get joints ("gaps") extrasottili.


The new 1 mm base (suitable for tiles in thickness between 3 and 12 mm) using the same wedge and the same pliers of all other R.L.S. bases.


Therefore today the R.L.S. system allows to obtain nominal joints of 1, 1.5, 3, and 4 mm.


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