Base 1 mm spacers levelling rls

Clips 1 mm Tile Leveling Spacers RLS 3/12 mm

Clips 1 mm Tile Leveling Spacers RLS

Tile thickness: 3/12 mm

Joint: 1 mm

available in 250 and 500 PCs

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18,00 €

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Clips 1 mm Tile Leveling Spacers RLS

RLS-Raimondi Leveling Spacers Levelling System-
Spacers for floors and tiles, manufactured by Raimondi, represent a revolutionary system that achieves level floors easily and quickly. Raimondi has spacers for floors and tiles; These products are indispensable to obtain perfectly leveled floor tiles, without those who are referred to as "teeth", easily speeding installation. This is a revolutionary system designed and manufactured by Raimondi Spa. The Raimondi spacers are also applicable on thin tiles and large format or flexible and therefore heavy. These fundamental characteristics: minimum width of joint/escape: 1 mm and 3 mm tile thickness min, 12 mm max.




R.L.S. range (Raimondi Levelling System), now of the new base 1 mm to get joints ("gaps") extrasottili.


The new base 1 mm (suitable for tiles in thickness between 3 and 12 mm) using the same wedge and the same pliers of all other bases R.L.S.


Therefore today the R.L.S. system allows to obtain nominal 1 leak, 1.5, 3, and 4 mm.


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