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When the thermal energy "travels" through walls and other surfaces, large amounts of energy are required to cool in summer and warm in winter. SurfaPaint outdoor ThermoDry is an elastomeric acrylic paint with high quality thermal insulation properties, ideal for outdoor use. Surfapore ThermoDry utilizzazndo made, special ingredients contains heat-insulated nano and micro size which contribute to energy saving. Heat-insulating particles reduce heat conduction, thermal radiation is reflected, creating a barrier against moisture that results in significant energy savings. Suitable for application on walls, exposed to the elements and to protect damaged surfaces with cracks. Excellent in bridge microcrepe even in very low temperatures ( -20°) and/or large thermal suggested tours without risk of flaking. Excellent resistance to UV and alkali. Is a vapour permeable paint at the same time prevents the absorption of water. Due to its curing mechanism and nano particles contained therein, the tendency to collect dirt particles and air pollution is significantly reduced. Available in white for optimum thermal insulation, can be used as a basis for clear shades.

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Super professional tile cutter

For diagonal and straight cuts on ceramic, porcelain and stoneware tiles

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60 - 85 - 100 -130 - 160