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SurfaPaint ® TD Interiors

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SurfaPaint ® TD Interiors is a painting insulating thermal water based for interior walls and ceilings.

When the thermal energy "travels" through walls and other surfaces, large amounts of energy are required to cool in summer and warm in winter. SurfaPaint indoor ThermoDry is a high quality painting with thermal insulation properties, ideal for indoor use. Surfapore ThermoDry, made using special ingredients contains heat-insulated nano and micro size which contribute to energy saving. Thermo-insulating particles reduce heat conduction, ri + thermal radiation surface and create a barrier against moisture that results in significant energy savings. How to prevent thermal bridges, thus minimizing moisture condensation and the appearance of mould. Suitable for children's rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, hospitals, schools, hotels and public areas thanks to its washability and resistance to washing (EN 13300, 1 class). Suitable for all types of new and old surface such as concrete, plaster, drywall and wood. Can be used as a basis for clear shades.

Fields of application and features:

  • Energy saving
  • Blocks heat transfer
  • Previente thermal bridges
  • Protects the appearance of mould
  • High resistance to washing
  • Water-based paint
  • Anti-fungal action

Usage notes

Shake well before using. If dilution is required, add up to a maximum of 10% water by volume. The application temperature should be between-35° C 8. apply 2-3 layers with a good quality brush, roller or spray with a nozzle diameter 4 mm or more 1. Do not apply excess paint. Make sure that the corners and edges are adequately covered. The successive coats should be applied 4-6 hours after application.


estimated yield 10-12 m ²/L, strongly dependent on surface properties.

Download: detailed data sheets for download:

Product spec sheet (pdf)

Material safety data sheet (pdf)

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