Pan Raimondi EASY + sponge Sweepex-Art 244 ADV

Pan Raimondi EASY + sponge Sweepex-Art 244 ADV

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244 ADV


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Wash basin with removable bag to remove water and sealant residues easily and without the need to clean the tank. It allows to easily and quickly dispose of sealant residues in accordance with current regulations.

• Inclined rollers of 15 ° to prevent the sponge trowel from coming into contact with the edge of the bowl during the squeezing, thus eliminating the risk of dripping.

• Rollers equipped with lateral emines to convey the water inside the tank during the squeezing operation, preventing the risk of dripping.

• The roller area is protected by a raised edge to prevent the risk of dripping during the squeezing process.

• Large and wide-diameter wheels so as not to penetrate the joints. Wheel Specifications: Ø 63 mm (2 1/2 ")-width 25 mm (1").

• Bowl made of first quality and ultra-durable plastic material that guarantees a long life and a very strong grid.

• can also be used without bag. When used without a bag, the bottom of the pan with no sharp corners allows easy cleaning.

• The "Sweepex" sponge with high absorption guarantees a perfect cleaning.

• Kit: 5 bags for residual recovery, "Sweepex" sponge trowel, Grille, transport handle, Wheels Ø 63 mm (2 1/2 ")


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