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Soudal Polyurethane Foam Windows & Doors

Soudal Polyurethane Foam Windows & Doors - 600 ml

  • Excellent filling

  • Excellent stability

  • Thermal and acoustic insulation


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Soudal Polyurethane Foam Windows & Doors - 600 ml

Thermal and acoustic insulation, controlled expansion, 360° multi-position

Door and window foam manual is a self-expanding monocomponenente polyurethane foam, CFC-free, ready to use with completely harmless propellants for ozone. In combination with the Mega Adapter SOUDAL of cured flexible foam increases by 75%. Due to the fact that there is virtually no expansion after extrusion, the application is much more efficient



-Excellent Stability (negative post shrinkage-expansion)
-Very good filling Capacity
-Excellent adhesion on most substrates (except for Teflon PE and PP)
-High capacity of thermal and acoustic insulation
-Precision application
-No risk of jam of door and window structures if the surfaces are wet
-Applies in all positions


-Mounting and sealing window and door filling cavities typically sealing all openings in roof constructions
-Creation of thermo acoustic screens sealing and insulating materials of roof constructions
-Improvement of thermal insulation in refrigeration systems

How to use

Agitate the tank for at least 20 seconds. Valve adapter positional. Moisten the surfaces with water prior to application. The cylinder can be used in all directions. Finish by pressing the plunger to stop the leaking of the foam. Fill the cavities for about 80%, since the foam will continue to expand. Shake the bottle regularly during application. Moisten the surface each time if the application is made in layers.

The fresh foam can be removed using the SOUDAL foam cleaner or acetone. Cured foam can only be removed mechanically. Application temperature: +5° C
+35° C (it is around 20° C-25° C).



 The cured foam should be protected against UV rays, painted, or by applying the top layer a sealer (Silicon, MS Polymer, etc)

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