HG detergente ad azione intensa per superfici in plastica 750 ml

HG cleanser for intense action for 500 ml plastic surfaces

HG cleanser for intense action for 500 ml plastic surfaces

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HG for intense action for cleaning plastic surfaces is an excellent cleaner for all types of plastic and paint. Deposits of nicotine, the traces left by weathering and other dirt are removed without difficulty and without damaging the surfaces treated. HG for intense action detergent for surfaces, paint and wallpaper has many applications, including fixtures, rods and frames and plastic coatings and kitchen cabinets, removable upholstery etc.
This product can be sprayed directly on the material or on a cloth, then you can clean the area concerned. Depending on the degree of soiling, the product must be left to act for a period more or less long. The plastic stays clean longer and is even easier to clean if after treatment also applies HG plastic dirt polish.

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