HG cera naturale per cotto 1lt

HG natural wax for baked 1lt

HG natural wax for baked 1lt

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 Natural wax for baked HG (HG 82 product) is a protective wax, it is easy to apply to all types of terracotta. This product, unique in its kind, brightens the color of the tiles by strengthening the authentic character of the tiled floor.  Gives a silky Sheen by the warm rustic charm. This wax is not sticky and viscous.

Shake the bottle well before use and then apply the wax at room temperature on the surface in a thin and uniform layer using a wax spreader. Polish the floor with a lint-free cloth or releases, if you prefer, using a power polisher (parquet).
1 litre is sufficient for 40 m2.

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