HG marble protector 250 ml

HG marble protector 250 ml

HG marble protector 250 ml

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Marble is porous and absorbs the dirt of all kinds. HG Protector for marble (HG produced 35) protects the marble and other calcareous stone in invisibly against water penetration, stains, dirt and limestone. Thanks to the natural stone sealing range, the product is ideal for use, e.g. in damp rooms such as bathrooms, work plans, on window sills or on the tables. This product significantly reduces the chance of discoloration, deterioration, frost damage, mold and algae growth.
Use the product in abundance and in straight strips in one direction using a roller or a paint brush. On vertical surfaces always proceed from the top down. After about 4 minutes unabsorbed liquid with a lint-free cloth releases. After 24 hours the surface optimally repels oil, grease, dirt and water. 500 ml are sufficient for 10-20 m2.

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