HG pulitore ridona lucentezza per piastrelle 1 lt

HG tile shine gives cleaner 1 lt

HG tile shine gives cleaner 1 lt

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Restores shine cleaner HG (HG 17 product) is a pleasant scent cleaning by concentrated, restores the original shine to the floor and is developed to regularly clean and easy indoor flooring tiles and natural stone non-porous and non-porous limestone. This product revives the color and pigmentation of the tiles.
Dilute 50 ml of product in a bucket (5 l) of warm water to half its capacity. Then move or rub the floor with a cloth or a MOP well wrung often and thoroughly by soaking in solution. Do not rinse or remove the detergent and allow to dry the floor alone. 1 litre is sufficient for cleaning cycles 20; also the price is very affordable!

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