HG air cleaner 300 ml

HG air cleaner 300 ml

HG air cleaner 300 ml

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Almost all air conditioners with time spread an unpleasant mouldy smell. This is due to the fact that the air humidity retained by conditioner, along with various kinds of impurities present in it, remain in the filter and in the pipes of the system. The unpleasant odor and mildew generated as a result is again placed in the enclosure with the cooled air. HG air cleaner allows you to clean, quick and effective cleaning of the inside of the air conditioner, removing all sources of unpleasant smells. The conditioner spread so fresh air again.
Prior to use, close all Windows and doors in the room where the air conditioner and set the air conditioner in cooling position stronger/cold and with higher fan speed. Place the can of HG air cleaner upright and below the Central nozzle of the conditioner so that the mist is evenly distributed and press the spray head until it locks. Wait for complete emptying of the cylinder, then leave the conditioner on for another 10 minutes. Turn off the system and ventilate the room by opening all Windows and doors.

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