Fugalite Eco Kerakoll 3 kg: Organic Mineral Grouts for Ceramic Tiles

Fugalite Eco Kerakoll: Organic Mineral Grouts for Ceramic Tiles

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Fugalite Eco Kerakoll: Organic Mineral Grouts for Ceramic Tiles available in various colours

Patented and certified ceramized Stucco, eco-compatible with high smoothness and cleanability, antibacterial, waterproof and stain-resistant Grouting compound for 0 to 20 mm with high mechanical and chemical resistance, guarantees the
continuity of ceramic surfaces, ideal in GreenBuilding. At low emissions of volatile organic compounds.

Fugalite ® Eco is liquid ceramic grout continuous all ceramic tiles and glass mosaic. Available in 4 color collections for a total of 30 colours give space to creativity and the most original combinations, giving a unique beauty to environments.

Plus Product
• Interior walls and Floors
• Suitable for refined porcelain stoneware, ceramics, large sizes,
thin plates, vitreous mosaic
• Ensures continuity Ceramized performance of
• Ceramized, application easier than one PuTTY
• Total uniformity, Ceramized color
• Waterproof, water-cooled Ceramized, stains and dirt
• Ceramized, prevents the development of fungi and bacteria

Eco notes
--The use of sands wind training provides considerable
energy savings by exploiting the natural action of
--The white and neutral shades extrafine contain microbeads of
glass from recycled glass

Intended use
Grouting joints with high chemical and mechanical resistance, high hardness and waterproof.
Filling materials:
-stoneware, low thickness tiles, ceramic tiles, clinker, mosaic and ceramic glass, of all types and sizes
recomposed materials
Interior walls and floors, for civil use, commercial, industrial and urban furnishing, subjected to permanent or occasional contact
of chemicals in heavy traffic areas, swimming pools, fountains and pools with thermal water, even in areas subject to thermal shock
and frost.
Do not use
Floors with porous surface and where are required chemical resistance higher than or different from those indicated in the table of
chemical resistance, for filling flexible couplings or fractionation expansion, on perfectly dry and not subject
a climb of humidity.

Surface preparation
Before grouting, verify that the installation was successful and that the tiles are perfectly anchored to the bottom.
Subfloors must be perfectly dry. Make the grout within the waiting time stated on the technical data sheet
the adhesive used. In case of mortar wait at least 7-14 days depending on the thickness of the screed, the climatic conditions
the environment, the absorption of the coating and the substrate. A possible ascent or residual moisture water can lead to a
steam pressure can cause detachment of the tiles due to the complete imperviousness and Tile Grout
The joints must be clean adhesive residue even though already hardened and have uniform depth, equivalent to all the thickness of the coating,
for maximum chemical resistance.
In addition, the joints must be cleaned from dust and brittle parts through an accurate electric vacuum aspiration.
Before starting the Grouting operations check the pulibilita of the lining that may be difficult in the case of surfaces at
or microporosita porosity accentuated. It is advisable to make a preventive test out of work or in a small hidden area. In such
cases and should proceed to the protective coating treatment with specific products, being careful not to apply it
in the fugues.
FugaliteR Eco is prepared by mixing with helical whip bottom mixing l falto and low rpm (. 400/min.) the
Part A part B respecting the pre-dosed ratio 2.82: 0.18 of the Pack. Pay part B into the bucket containing the Part
In taking care to make a homogeneous mixing of the two parties to obtain a slurry of uniform color and texture. AND
need to mix a quantity of plaster to be used within 45 min to 23 "‹ C 50% r.h. FugaliteR Eco packages must
be stored at temperatures of. 20 "‹ C at least for 2/3 days before using. higher temperatures lead to an excessive
fluidity and speed of mixing findurimento, on the contrary, lower temperatures make the dough harder to spread and slow
la presa, until inibirla below 5 "‹ C.
Eco FugaliteR apply evenly on the surface of the coating with hard rubber spatula. Proceed to sealing the
joints until they complete filling, intervening tiles diagonally. Remove immediately with spatula
most grout residues, leaving only a thin veil on the tile. Start cleaning the coating when
stucco and still fresh. Final cleaning of the surface use a sponge dampened with clean water and thick
large size, to avoid digging the joints. Act in the sense riemulsionare the veil for rotation of grout on the tiles and finish the
the surface of the brain. High polymer disperdibilita specific guarantee removing grout residue using a quantity
reduced water that would adversely affect the final chemical resistance. It is important to rinse frequently and
keep the water always clean using the special Grill Pans and cleaning rollers and replace, if necessary, the sponge
or felt impregnated with plaster. Finish by cleaning the tiles diagonally to avoid digging the joints. A
after drying with a cloth on the surface just ensures total cleaning clean from any remaining resin halos. TO
hardened PuTTY any marks can be removed with Soap Eco escape-diluted according to the quantity of residue to be removed. Not
trampling wet anchor floors to avoid depositing dirt residues.
Cleaning the grout residues from tools with water before curing of the product.

Fugalite ® Eco can be doped with gold Glitter or Escape escape Glitter silver, specifically designed for decorating metallic effect, in
recommended dosage of 1 jar of 100 g per pack of PuTTY, to obtain special aesthetic effects.


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