KeraKoll's Eco Fugalite Invisible

Grout and adhesive photochromic glass: Invisible 05299 Neutral Eco Fugalite (3 kg)

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Stucco and photochromic glass adhesive certified, environmentally compatible with high smoothness and cleanability, bacteriostatic and fungistatico, stain-resistant and waterproof Grouting compound for 0 to 3 mm, ensures continuity in aesthetics, functionality and hygiene of vitreous mosaic and ceramic surfaces, ideal in GreenBuilding. At low emissions of volatile organic compounds.
Fugalite ® Eco invisible is fine recycled glass microbeads with high refractive power to glue and Grout without interruption of continuity, functional and aesthetic, hygienic coatings of vitreous mosaic, ceramic wood and ceramic stone. Fugalite ® Eco Invisible is the solution to preserve the beauty of artistic glass mosaic and blends.

Fugalite invisible replaces Echo fugalite echo kerakoll neutral color.



The new stucco-glassy adhesive exalts the reflections of mosaic coverings consisting of tiles of coloured glass due to its translucent Opal aspect: surfaces are smoother and shiny than using traditional stuccoes, though colorful, are opaque.


The advantage of glass mosaics is to create multi-colored reflections depending on the incidence of light: especially in this type of coating, the choice of an appropriate joints have a decisive role. In fact, the tiles are quite small and this means that we need a greater amount of PuTTY per square meter compared with traditional tiles: an aesthetically unsuitable product can reduce the brightness of the collection and frustrate a trouble-free installation.

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