Fix All Crystal

Fix All Crystal

Neutral one-component sealant/adhesive, elastic base MS Polymer ®, crystal transparency.

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-Easy application
-100% crystal transparency
-Remains elastic after curing
-High initial outlet
-Not harmful to the environment
-Paintable • odourless • Non-staining.
-Bonding & sealing inside and outside on porous and non-porous surfaces, even on wet surfaces or in the presence of water
-Suitable for gluing glass to glass
-Bonding of materials such as: brick, concrete, steel, metal, aluminum, lead, zinc, plastic, polystyrene, polyurethane, wood, chipboard, MDF, laminate, Cork, plaster, marble, stones
granite, natural, Rockwool, ceramic, porcelain, glass, glazed surfaces, mirrors
-Suitable for humid environments such as kitchens and bathrooms
How to use
Instructions for use: manual or pneumatic gun
Application temperature: +5° C +35° C
Can be removed immediately after the application and prior to polymerization,
Finish: with soapy solution before the formation of the skin.
Fix All Crystal can be final coat, but due to the high number of paints available, is strongly recommended a preliminary compatibility test before applying. The drying time of acrylic paints can be more alkaline.
Given the wide range of available surfaces, we recommend a preliminary compatibility test.
Fix All Crystal can discolor in extreme conditions.
The adhesive strength of Fix All will improve with time.
This product cannot be used as elastic sealant in the glazing.

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